Some of my Favorite Harry Potter Slash Fics

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A bit of an introduction:

I love to read slashfic almost as much as I love to write it.  I primarily read H/R & H/D but truly I love "good" fic and read a wide variety including Trio, Snarry, 3somes, Harry/Lucius and all sorts of mixed and odd pairings.  I think my favorite fics are ones that delve into the psychology of personalities and relationships, but I enjoy, romance, angst, flangst (fluff+angst), PWP as well as intelligent non-con and darkfic.  Mostly I enjoy stories that are well written and I rely heavily on recs.  Something that shows up on a lot of rec lists, I'm bound to read.  So this list is going to have a lot of variety.  This is also not a comprehensive list of all the fics I like.  I don't plan to make that encompassing a list.  My LJ memories are somewhat organized with recs. If I liked a story enough that I'd like to read it again sometime than it's probably saved there (LJ posted anyway).  
My Live Journal Memories/rec links
and there's also plenty of other stories I have bookmarked that aren't on LJ, that I've read and enjoyed... but they aren't the one's I've read over and over and are always are at the front of my mind when someone is looking for a rec.
(I suppose that's a disclaimer)

This is going to be a list of favorite stories and authors that I think if you like HP slashfic, you should really read'll enjoy them.  I also tend to read fic based on my mood.  So I've decided to organize them that way--->"If you're in the mood for______"  There are also a small group of authors that in my opinion really stand out and I will feature them as well (mostly cause I want to rec almost all their fics:)

All that said, what don't I like.  Super long never ending stories.  I am a story construction whore.  While I think these stories can be entertaining to follow, they are sooooo long and winding and well...over written and in bad need of editing, lots of editing.  They remind me of when I watched Days of Our Lives (US soap opera) in college.  I'd have a finals or vacation and somehow not watch the show for three weeks and come back and all the characters and story lines had moved forward about a millimeter since I left them.  Some of these ultra long fics you can skip several chapters or just skim a bit from some chapters skip to the end and you pretty much have lost nothing in the storyline or character development. I'm not saying they're not enjoyable to read, but I'm a fan of tight writing and very focused story telling.

I think fanfiction as a derivative medium really lends it self to the long one-shot or shorter multi-chap fic as the ideal story length.  I don't think the amount of material we are adding to canon needs much more than that.  What you will find here are mostly one-shots or short multichap, but if you'll notice there are some longer fics so you'll have to believe me that I think they are worth the time investment and I remember them distinctly.  There were a number of the "long slash classics" that I did enjoy reading at the time but I keep forgetting which one is which and I doubt I'll go back and read them again.

On with the show:
(ps make sure to check my fav authors below cause I decided not to list things twice and some of my favorite category fics are there)

Feeling Horny? Hot smut here:

Open Surrender by Anise: I would pretty much be surprised if there's a Harry/Draco favorite hot smut list without this on it - GUH

Corruptela Vox by Constant Vigilance: my guess is that this is the H/D grand-daddy of Parselsmut

Across the Line
by auntee_mame (aka Kerryblaze).  This is one of those fics that really gives me what I love about Harry/ friends in denial and then the dam breaks.  And while I'm here I'm also going to rec her Harry/Bill Stag Nite (guh) which is a part of series that is absolutely worth reading.

That's My Boy by maple_mahogany- Harry/Ron featuring Jealous!Ron- nuff said.

A Little Something Between Friends by simon's flower: TRIO Smut!  Hermione and Ron give Harry a hand.

Ride With Me solstice_muse: Harry +   Ron +  Sirius' motorbike = HOT

The Seduction of Harry by satindolls: Ok one more H/R, this one has a naughty trio hint as well. Yum!

The Sound and the Fury by lavillanueva (H/D very NC-17, 5300words)- This a well penned and OMFG Hawt story. This rec comes w/warnings. One: It's an infidelity fic and Two: It has the "kink" of sounding. So you need to be able to deal w/those issues. I think it's a brilliant smut and kink fic, and it has that extra layer emotion that will make the H/D shipper quite happy.

Makes sure to see Pushdragon's work listed below in fav author section for some of the hottest smut going;P

In the mood for Romance or Flangst maybe a little H/C:

Crazy For You by Reni Days Harry/Ron:  A great example of a 2nd person POV that Works.  I loved this fic for many reasons. The first is the delectable humor in Ron’s obsession and denial that occurs after Harry “comes out” to him. The second was that the author balanced that with the understanding, love and intimacy that Ron & Harry have. Lastly, she effectively uses very little dialogue and it is right on target.  (full rec on crack_broom)

Reflections by MrsQuizzical: Molly/Arthur (yeah you read that right!)- So much of the reason "we" read erotic fan fiction is the world of fantasy and erotic sex that is perhaps an extension or even completely different from our own lives. The truth being that folks like me are much closer in age and life-stage to Molly than we are to Harry's generation. This fic is a beautiful and real look at a sex life based on love and commitment in a long term marriage. Yet it was extremely sensuous and yet... very familiar.  She nailed Molly's perceptions of who she is vs. who she was. Arthur is simply wonderful. Again, this is a very different piece of erotic fan fiction and thank goodness for that. 

Commencement by bookshop/Aja was written way back in 2002 and I
just read it this past year and loved it.  Graduation+Alcohol= Harry/Draco.

The Lodger by Mad Martha always an enjoyable H/D read.  A lot of my favorite H/D's will try to answer the question can two broken people come together to into something whole.  Sigh.  Like a lot of reviews on this fic, I'll say that I loved it but wished there was some smut.

The World of the Living by fourth_rose is a Luna POV Harry/Draco.  Yeah it's got that 2 broken people thing and Luna's the crazy glue (pun intended).  I really liked this story and loved the originality of the Luna POV.  This was written for a recent HD_hols and I keep reccing it left and right.

Wonderland by wolfiekins another Ron/Harry denial fic but I love wolfie's gritty take on it and I don't suppose that I can really get enough of these.

Of Paradise and Perfection by: Alaana Fair, This is probably fluffier than most of the fics I love, but just the same I loved this Harry/Draco.  Fourteen years after the events of HBP the war is over, but a depressed Harry Potter is still searching for happiness. Will a well deserved holiday help him find it? Or will it leave him even more confused than ever?

Credulous Hearts
by k is another Harry/Ron that just makes me ache in all the right places and you get some delightful Luna wisdom as well.

All That They Had Not Lost by (Mrs)Quizzical: This is a emotionally mature look at a "real" trio relationship.  How does it work when there are three psyches in the mix.  It also features a fairly damaged!Harry who's having trouble accepting that there is indeed 3-way love and that he deserves it.  Lucky for him Ron and Hermione know what he needs.

Blue Vase by Ivyblossom: this is another H/D classic and I had a tough time placing the genre.  I'll put it here but I suppose it's more of a thinking man's fic.  I was impressed by the originality of this story.  It deals with a truckload of emotional issues in just a short fic.  Loved it.  It's short, just go read it.

Irresistible Poison by Rhysenn: Yet another H/D classic that stands out for me.  Ok it has the cliche spell gone wrong...but this is a wonderfully woven tale and I think the torture of Draco at Harry's lack of understanding is just lovely to read.  You'll also note by my recs that I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

Comfort Food by arsenicjade is a wonderful down on his luck post war Draco being wooed by a more confident Harry.  This is beautifully written and will tug at your heartstrings, but it's also very romantic.  I re-read this recently and just had to add it to my list here.  Harry says "...But I have an instinct for this sort of thing that found me Ron and Hermione and things look hopeful in your case."  Actually all their exchanges are wonderful in this.  Go read (hit the forward arrow button for pt2).

OK here's my first Post DH Rec
Headlines by SilentAuror.  Very DH compliant (epilogue and all).   I love this grown up Harry & Draco - somethings changes & somethings stay the same.  Eleven years later, and Harry's still making the headlines of the Daily Prophet. Draco can't help but notice. I'll toss out a couple more of SilentAuror's Flangsty H/D's to read as well: A Test of Character, Brave New World and Agnus Dei.

A Perfect Day by scrtkpr - This is a most impressively crafted story. It's quite a compelling read from Draco's POV. Very canon. Lots of retracing of steps, events, themes and ideas. I's are dotted and T's are crossed. A wonderful read and piece of fanfic. An homage to canon, if you will. And of course it features a redeemable!Draco who still holds his edge - guh. Loved it. You will too. (a Harry/Draco fav from hd_worldcup).

Rising from the Ashes  by Oldenuf2nb- (H/D, R, ~30k)-   I was so impressed at the sharp focus of this fic. It never got bogged down like so many "8th year" fics do with full school year story telling of classes and meetings... Even the telling of the trials was masterfully done. Just enough to give us the exposition we needed as it set the tone and provided the motivation for our protagonist.  The characterization of Harry and Draco are wonderfully derived from canon. Hagrid and his brood of magical creatures make an excellent supporting cast that adds to the main tale, never detracting or seeming forced into the story.  If you like down and out Draco and a Harry who just wants to find his way in the world, you'll love this. It looks at many of the themes from canon and reworks them into this tale of hope, love, redemption, and acceptance. It also has an extremely realistic feel to it.

 Seven-Year Hitch by Florahart - This is a fascinating Snape/Hermione fic (~14k NC-17).  I saw it rec'd by a few of my f-listers and gave it a try. I don't read much het and have only read this pair once or twice before, but I absolutely loved this story. They are perfectly matched. The story is clever and cerebral, but also very sexy and emotional as well. Their relationship and sexual development over time is fascinating to watch. The dialog is spot on. The author also didn't bog this baby down with loads of exposition. She simply gave us what we needed to fill in the story and it works like a fine tuned engine. Delish. Even if this isn't a pairing you read... be like me and give this story a try. If Snape intrigues you at all and you like canon!Hermione, you won't be disappointed.  

Before Rebuilding by iamshadow (1,232 words Remus/Sirius R)  This "winner" was a surprise to me because I'm not typically into Marauder stuff, but I really loved loved loved this R/S dynamic. Very powerful! It's an AU: This story is set in late 1981, in an AU world where Sirius does not go to Azkaban, but instead gets custody of Harry and goes into hiding, with Remus as their Secret Keeper. But don't let that scare you, because that intro line is really all you'll get regarding the set up. This is a raw intimate look at Remus and Sirius, who they are, and how they relate to each other. (This turned out to be a pleasant surprise of being written by iamshadow, in fact she has two of my top ten. She's a writer I've enjoyed, but obviously haven't read nearly enough of. I will also rec another holiday fest fic of hers: The very lovely and poignant Harry/Ron ficlet - Parchment

Six Ways In Which Harry Potter Was Like Bambi's Dad (And A Few Ways In Which He Wasn't. At All.) by Brummel-  Here's the bottom line. If you read H/D at all, even if it's every once in a blue moon - read this fic (under 7k words and Rated R). Her writing is always emotionally gripping and well crafted, but more than that... when I read her work I never feel that "I have read so many stories just like this before". It's fresh! and in fanfic that's a special. Yes, there's Mpreg, and the premise sounds cracky (at least the origins of the inspiration for the story) - but this story is real and grounded in a very possible post DH world.  Trust me, ignore all the warnings.  It transcends them.  It's fantasatic.

Want some major Hurt/Comfort?

Under the Ivy by coffeejunkii, yep more broken!Harry/broken!Draco = love

All His Saints by Setissma is a 2005 Harry/Draco that will make you shiver.  It's completely canon non-compliant but I don't give a F--K cause it's gorgeous and required reading.  Broken!Harry and a grown-up!Draco has decided to repay a life debt by picking up the pieces and in the process...

The Tao of Diogenes by The Treacle Tart Hurt/Comfort a la Ron/Snape.  It starts out with Ron healing Snape, but it turns out that Ron could use a little help as well.

oh and here's another Ron/Snape Aftermath by Josan, Ron's really damaged in this one.  Snape has to both save him and heal him.  It's a bit dark with some interesting spellwork. It's also bit long and is actually more like a story and a sequel together.  The H/C story and then just how does Severus Snape have a relationship with a Weasley.  

Origins of Myth by Arsenic is Ron/Draco where Draco is the broken one (I tend to like these).  It's a beautiful story and I have to rec it despite (I hate to say anything negative here) it being a little too long.  It's still worth it.

ok and another H/C
by Arsenic is An Eye for an Eye  is one of my absolute favorite HP/DM/SS stories cause so many of this threesome are dark fics and this one is angsty yet full of love and hope. Really.

Draco In Darkness by Plumeria this is one of those older H/D classics that I kept seeing on people's all time rec lists.  I wish it had more smut, but I must say I really enjoyed it and would put it on a required reading list.

Contrition by Breed  I wasn't sure to put this here or in Angst.  In any case, it's angsty.  Harry's a disaster and Ron's his best mate.

Exorcismby Cluegirl: Again with this fic, I'm not sure if it's an angst-fest or an H/C at heart.  Ron is sufferning effect from his run in with the brains at the DoM and Harry is there for him in every way.  This one is like a train wreck and you can't look away.

Arc of the Pendulum by Brummel- This is a fantastic piece of fanfic: HP adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, a description that doesn't do it justice.  The author had one heck of an imagination coming up with the curse that afflicts Harry and Draco is the only one who can help.  It's an incredibly compelling Draco and achingly beautiful Harry.  It's a tale of sacrifice and love.   (a Harry/Draco fav from hd_worldcup)

In the mood for some Serious Angst:

If you even remotely like Harry/Ron, this is a must read.  Godric's Hollow by shocolate was written as a series of prompted drabbles and a Brokeback Mountain homage but comes together as a cohesive story that is breathtaking and a masterclass in angst.  It tugs at your heartstrings and while it contains obvious salutes to the film, it truly maintains itself as its own story.

Get There Faster by hesychasm (jintian) is a 2004 Harry/Ron that beautifully explores Angst!Harry from OOTP.  Oh gosh this story gives you such a delicious ache and I always love to see Ron the Rock.  The man is solid.

A "perception of reality" fic that you'll see very deservedly rec'd a lot is Oscillate Wildly by marksykins.  A Harry/Draco that has Harry living two lives.  One in the Magical World of Hogwarts and the other in an "our world" hospital.  Which one is real?  Does it matter?  Read so your head can hurt.

We're Not Right by letmypidgeonsgo: I don't believe it's possible to do Harry/Ron non-con without using some sort of evil spell or potion plot device or else the boys seem far too OOC.  I was really drawn in by this fic because it borders non-con in a very realistic way.  

Saving Draco Malfoyby Dayspring.  This is another Fic I'm still going to rec despite my general feeling that it's too long and could have been edited down some.  It's an epic and it features non-con, mpreg, extracurricular magical beings and a huge long and windy story.  In all seriousness, all the things that are usually a huge turn off for me (LOL), but it's a well told story and you can't help but root for Harry and Draco the whole time because this story elicits such empathy for the both of them.

Malfoy Honor by Ravenna C Tan-  It's an angsty/dark Harry/Draco - Lucius/Draco where Draco is truly torn and I just watched in awe and forgot to breathe on occasion.

Into This Night I Wander by geekwriter143  What a well written damaged!Ron and an incredibly loving and nurturing Harry.  This one will get you Feklempt.  

The Price We Pay for Wings by Frayach - Harry/Draco rated R 13,600 words: In this canon & epilogue compliant fic we get a look at the post war lives (roughly 20 years) of Harry and Draco through multiple POVs and in parallel with the writing and publishing of a wizarding world phenomen series of seven childrens books that affect the lives of all who read them. I really think that every HP slash fan should absolutely read this even if you don't normally ship H/D.  

This is top notch writing. I was blown away by how well it was constructed and how emotionally evocative it was without being manipulative. The use of the book series is obviously in homage to "canon" but it is no way hokey. The angst and emotions were genuine and demostrated the incredible capacity and resilience of the human spirit. The recurring motif of Love and Pride was masterfully woven into the story. Some folks thought there was a bit too much of "purple prose", but I really don't think so. I think the writing suited the story and enormous scope and rich detailed look at life. And I loved all the sumptuous details that the author put in, including the anagrams.   Heed the angst warning if you're feeling vulnerable and need to save it for later. I will say that the ending is written in a way that if interpreted correctly, it can't be seen as anything but hopeful. In all honesty, it would end up in my top 10 list of fanfics ever, any fandom, any pairing, anything.  

Ring A-Ring O' Roses by melusinahp - The characterizations are impossibly canon. The writing rich and compelling. The story stands on it's own but intricately weaves the theme of the Tower prompt and established canon all together in one big fat awesome story. The suspense, the drama, the hot sex, the lush details, the action, the emotionally riveting story, the hopeful wish you will have for Harry and Draco to...  Quotes the master: "We go on. That's what happens. The world falls apart, but it keeps on turning. We have no choice but to go on." (a Harry/Draco fav from hd_worldcup)

Wall of Glass by waterbird- the incredible angst of an Azkaban!Draco.  I was completely captivated and held hostage by the story. Very Very Canon characterizations in the immediate aftermath of DH. I love down but surviving Draco and Harry, oh Harry, he's such the beautifully tragic hero. This story is so dark and raw and yet... still holds so much hope and the seed of human resiliency.  Loved it. (a Harry/Draco fav from hd_worldcup)

All Tomorrow's Parties by furiosity (Harry/Draco, R, 5400 words)- Head the angst warning, but if you admire beautiful writing and crave some high end cerebral thinking, go read.  I can't say too much for fear of spoiling it. I think it is important for this fic that the first time you experience it you should be trying to grasp what you're reading w/out knowing too much. It was inspired by the gorgeous art of lillithium (who is the gift recipient - lucky gal). I clicked on the link to all the art in the Notes after I read it. I think before or after is just fine to get the feel. And then read it again and look at the art again... (and so on and so forth) It's Magical.

The Path of Least Resistance by snegurochka_lee (Teddy/Albus Severus)  Summary: Teddy had been clean for barely thirteen weeks the night Albus landed on his doorstep, reminding him of everything he'd tried to leave behind. It's hard to mourn a loss when you can barely acknowledge it's happened. It's even harder when you think you're responsible for it.   This fic is brilliant. To me, it's a fascinating character study of Teddy and his relationship with all the Potters. Being an orphan, he's rather untethered to life and is seduced by the escapism of drugs. But this fic is about the beginning of recovery and is real, heartfelt, and raw - no melodrama here - just stark realism that will make you love the characters. If you like great writing, a great story, and angst with hope, go read.

Danse Russe by Frayach - Harry/Draco rated NC-17 ~150,000 words:  It is very rare that I rec an epic of this length (or even read), but it was Frayach.  Please do head all the warnings.   I was blown away.  It is so... I have no other word... superior. I think it's one of the best novel length H/D's I've ever read. Plotty, emotional, brilliant.  Some of my love of this piece is simply Fray's writing technique/style, if you will. There are really only a handful of fanfic writer's that I've read that have this superior skill in language choice, scene selection, pacing, etc. It's exquisite. The other half is of course, the story itself. It is so epic - Romeo & Juliet, Rhett & Scarlett, Cleopatra & Mark Antony- and no I'm not comparing the type of relationship, but just the intensity and scope of the story behind them.  How far are you willing to go for love?  These characters are so fleshed out and real and wounded and damaged- and she shows us what it's like to see the world through their eyes and feel their pain. I have a real thing for damaged/dark heros (big Xena fan--LOL). But what else? the intrigue of the story/plot. I also like that there's no clear cut Voldemort style villain. That the evil is absolute but layered and relative and complex. The wonderful 3-D supporting characters, both canon and OC's. And of course the emotional connection that you feel as you read every paragraph. A lot of this fic is also, how much damage can you sustain before you break. It is also about human resiliency and adaptation as well as finding out what's truly most important. 

I tend not to read novel length stuff unless I see it rec'd profusely. Mostly b/c I find them way "over written" too long for the plot, too many redundant scenes/conversations, too many superfluous characters and side sojourns.... but this... there's no excess here. It's all character building, story building, POV enhancing. Even the bits of Theo exposition and POV, I was wondering - where was this going? And as I got to the climax, I realized that it really contributed to the complexity - the multiple POVs and the fleshing out of this supporting character.

And I will give a nod to Calanthe's Mudhoney Trilogy as the source material/inspiration. I read that just before Danse and it was brilliant as well. Cal's work is an in depth exploration of the two characters and their damaged psyches and souls (and resultant sexual deviancy). Fray's future-fic novel takes them and weaves an incredibly epic story.
  You can read Danse w/out reading Mudhoney, but I do rec it as well:
Mudhoney Trilogy by Calanthe_fics (you will need to join her fic comm - but do it without reservation, because she has a lot of great stories)   Please note the warnings (Very kinky, outer bounds, but incredibly intelligent and impeccably written.)  The journey through the sexual deviancy is quite amazing. Harry's POV and our intimacy with him grows stronger and stronger through each of the three parts. The writing is so descriptive and draws you into his world, his life, but never becomes the focus.  The story is the focus and the writing amazingly never intrudes on it. It's seamless. I know I'll be thinking about this story for a long long time and that is the mark of somethng truly brilliant, original, and meaningful.

Feel like some Coercive smut? Here are two of my favorite dub-con fics:

Just Add Water by Cybele has Harry compromised by alcohol and a very hot Bill Weasley.

Coercion by Anise has
Harry played like a violin by very hot Charlie Weasley.

In the mood to feel good about human nature:

The Way of the World
by Zionsstarfish is a downtrodden Draco running into a looking-for-something Harry that was written in 2003.  It's not canon compliant but I believe it truly holds the test of time and I rec it when anyone is searching for a feel good fic.  I love this short story to pieces and her writing of Draco's humility is gorgeous because she still maintains so much of his personality from the books.

A Bitter Bargain by 
The Treacle Tart sorta Gen Ron, Snape, Ron/Harry - Ron Weasley has to make a deal with the devil to save his friend's life. This is a great "Ron" piece.  He's the man. I also like Snape and his chance at redemption.  No smut but go read.

The Time Harry Couldn't Stop Being Naked by derryere: This so completely original and sweet and will make you smile and so so so vintage Harry/Ron. It's art plus lovely vignette (PG-15).

In the mood for a very hot yet mind stirring hooker fic:

I'll sometimes read a rentboy/hooker fic if I'm in the mood for something hot and crackish.
All the Sincerity of a Whore's Kiss by lucilla_darkate is very hot but absolutely not crack. It feels so real.  Its brilliant if you ask me.  It's HP/DM featuring a very high priced Draco and I'll say nothing else because I don't want to spoil it.

Let the Poets Pipe of Love by bookshop! this typically shows up on folks favorite prostitute fics lists.  It's so hot you'll need a pot holder to scroll your mouse and just like Pretty Woman you want the hooker to get the happily ever after.

In the mood for something dark (and hot) yet cerebral:

A Spell To Turn Tigers To Butter
 by Amanuensis (NC-17, Dark, Non-con, Humor) Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Harry/Snape:  
Amanuensis may well be the undisputed queen of HP darkfic.  While your reading "Spell", you're thinking it's one of those absolutely broken!Harry things but then...(I shant spoil it)
Additionally, I think that "Spell" and As Sharp As Sunlight (NC-17, Angst, Non-con, Mpreg) Pairings: Sirius/Snape, Harry/Lucius, Draco/Hermione (implied Sirius/Remus) are the two that really blew me away the most.  "Sharp" is another Voldermort wins scenario where nothing is exactly what it seems.  It's written in Sirius' voice and despite the angst, non-con, and mpreg you're going to love it.  OK just one more Sanguine, a Serpent Knotted Sable is a non-con Harry/Lucius from Lucius POV that was just an amazing read.

Through a Shattered Mirror by Rushlight (another darkfic staple) Snape/Harry/Draco (drama/angst, slavefic, noncon/rape, BDSM)
When Harry falls into the hands of the Death Eaters, he learns that life isn't as black-and-white as he'd once thought it to be.   All I can say is that I loved this fic. And while you're going through her treasure trove go read: A Fracture of the Mind's Eye (Harry/lots of people) another amazing "perception of reality" fic.

Ill Met by Moonlight by Wolfiekins No explicit pairing, but firmly Ron/Harry (this fic spawned a lot of conversation on what the limits of Gen were). Ron has been experiencing blackouts, odd dreams, and strange visions. And they're becoming more and more frequent, as well as disturbing. Post Hogwarts/War.  I'm always reccing this fic when people are looking for a good and maybe dark and gritty Ron-centric piece.

Strife from the Furthest Prime by Thevina: Qua cursum ventus: the course lies as the wind blows. In a post-apocalyptic, post-War world, Ron and Bill are survivors, hidden in the Burrow. When Harry unexpectedly appears, the winds of change prove devastating.
 Wow this killed me - a Harry/Ron with a side Bill/Ron pairing that you can somehow forgive the incest and a very Dark!Harry and gloriously conflicted Ron.

Spare me the dark and give me the humor?

Where Draco Is A Statue by simmyschtuff, ok the title is great and I just simply adored the story (Harry/Draco)

Narcofellatio by shocolate - Another killer title and OMG so so so funny and hot.  The narcofellatio curse is accidentally embedded in the Gryffindor boys dormitory. Since the bloke doing the sucking is never awake to remember and therefore each one is sure he's immune, no one's in a big hurry to find a countercurse.  So it's basically all of
Harry's Gryffindor dorm-mates in various permutations.

Fic and Art: The Absinthe Drinkers (Harry/Draco/Luna/Ginny, NC-17) You'll have to join Reallycorking and Foreword 's collaboration comm to read.  I just loved this hot and sorta funny story, at least I think so, come on, Draco in a bar getting propositioned by Harry, Ginny & Luna for group sex - that's funny and some great art.   Hopefully the art will be reposted on Insane Journal (Corkart)

Crup-tion of the Not-So-Innocent by calanthe - (Harry/Draco) written for the hd_inspired animagus fest: If you are in the mood for a little lighter fare, smart humor, and even some simple young 17 year old sexually confused and easily excitable humor, go read this charmer of a story. It's immediately post-war and Harry's hanging out at Hogwarts to get some peace & quiet. He decides to try to become an animagus. He wants to be a stag like dear old dad. Of course, he becomes a Crup. Draco shows up at Hogwarts for safekeeping. Draco is an arse. Draco is emo. Harry has the hots for almost anything that moves and this includes Draco. So when Harry finds that Draco has a soft spot for Crups... he can't help but go along for the ride. And a what a fun ride it is.

Motorcrossed Lovers  by Maple_Mahogany.   (Ford Anglia/Sirius' motorbike) This is an oops, I meant to add this to the list some time ago.  This was written for hp_funnyfest and it did not disappoint. The pairing alone should do it for you.  So much of what we read is so entrenched in fanon that if we see a little glimmer of originality, we salivate. This is a huge shining light of originality and wonderfully funny, entertaining and deliciously irreverent. It's short so just go enjoy.

Inconsolable, or How Harry Potter Stopped H8ing and Learned to Love Video Games by November Snowflake - Harry/Draco  ~10,600 words: Writing good humor is infinitely more difficult than good drama. This fic is hands down LOL hysterical and F-ing Brilliant!!! I don't care who you ship, this fic is fun and still incredibly intelligent. I think this fic as is much about video game addiction as E.T. was about aliens coming to explore earth. Yes, that's the plot, but that is not, what this is really about. This fic has LAYERS and I'm still thinking about them days later. Go enjoy!!!

Misuse of Muggle Artifacts by scrtkpr - (H/D 17k NC-17) Boy is this my kind of story. It's a sharply written romantic comedy. The author knows how to work the UST, mis-steps, and misunderstanding to perfection. The plot is delectable, and yes, different from things I've read before. I loved all the details, both Harry and Draco, and the way the whole thing is woven together and then cinched tight at the end.

Additional Rickey Lists:

Link to list of ~30 Recs from Dec 2007 fic fests (various fests and pairings) here: 2007 Fest Report card

Link to list of ~30 Recs from Dec 2008 fic fests (various fests and pairings) here: 2008 Fest Report card

Link to list of summaries for HD10k_showcase: Giant hp10k_showcase Reccing Post

and Fun list of Slamming Draco against a wall scenes (recs) : The Draco Grand Slam (Rec Fest)

Stand Out Authors:

What I'll say up front is that if you look at the fic listings of these authors and see any summary that looks interesting to you, just go read it cause it's going to be good.  I'll rec some of my personal favorites here and I had a bitch of a time narrowing them down.

Pir8fancier LJ  and on Skyhawke
Her fics are intelligent and entertaining and she has a variety of pairings and story styles.  A few highlights:

In Lettered we have Hogwarts era Harry/Draco.  Draco decides to become the secret pen pal of Harry Potter and they fall in love, tear apart, come back together and we are left wondering what the future will hold.  She so kindly writes a distant future follow up of Lush Life.  The premise: Draco Malfoy is forty, currently editor of a soft porn gay men's magazine, the author of a no-holds-barred tell all of his life as a former rentboy, and is perfectly happy. Uh, not. Enter one Harry Potter.  

Let's Pretend the War Is Over is an in depth and impressive look at an extremely depressed Draco.  Harry comes to comfort.  The angst is gut wrenching in this unique POV (somewhat delusional Draco).  Powerful stuff!

Room Serviced is Draco/Hermione Sexuality and Angst exploration at its highest level.  You will ache and you will think.

Lastly I'll highlight her 3 Snarry's, they are truly three amazing takes on Severus Snape.  I'm not sure I've read a better Snape.  And certainly we desperately missed this kind of examination of him in Deathly Hallows.  Oh and the sex is great too.  I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite, so read them all.

Help Wanted: God and Executioner: The war is dragging on; an examination of innocence, loss of innocence, and sacrifice.

This Boy's Life:  Snape is Scheherazade. (some amazing intuition that she had about Snape in DH in both this and HW:G&E)

Snape: The Home Fries Nazi
: When Harry defeats Voldemort, the Death Eaters lose their magic. Snape decamps to the United States, where he becomes a fry cook in a diner. Seven years after Voldemort's defeat, Harry comes to him for advice.

On One's Knees was originally written for hd-worldcup.  Read this version on her journal.  It is 32k of the most amazing hurt/comfort words you'll ever read.  This was the comment that I left for her:  how do I love this story, let me count the ways. I'm typically a sucker for Down-but-not-out-Draco! and Healer/Save the World one person at a time Harry! makes my knickers wet, so I was pretty much drawn in at the premise, but it's the writing that made me stay and love this fic. It's rich in its characterizations. Their interactions and the way the feed on each other is fantastic. The dialogue is sharp and intelligent. There are just to many fabulous lines to quote; I'd be here all day. The attraction, the build up, the giving into desire were all hot and wonderful. Draco's brain and personality is just to die for. I love his strength and how he maintains his pride and self worth despite his circumstances. The story is harsh where it needs to be. It's poignant where it needs to be. It shows both of them in very real and very human light. I think the ending is absolutely spot on. Astoria is made out of chocolate covered awesome. Ok it's bittersweet, but life is like that (can personally attest to that fact) and I think that they each find happiness, just not with each other. They have their memories and truly who knows what the future can bring. This is going to end up on my re-read and re-read again list of fics that I go to when I need a "fix". Thank you muchly.
- - - -
I will give my Ron lovin' friends a warning that our friend is a bit of dick in this, but it's specifically directed at Malfoy (not at Harry) so most of you won't mind that too much. It worked for me. Also there's no Ginny bashing either.

Stilllife  (She says this is positively her last Snarry.)  Why do most of us read Fanfiction? I think the broad over-reaching reason is that we want MORE. Whatever the 'verse' be it TV, movies or books. We have the original medium & canon and then... we want more. To read and imagine more about the characters living their lives and having different experiences.

This story is that MORE. She takes Severus Snape and in an exquisite first person POV uses him to tell us more. He is a portrait, but not like other portraits. He does not sleep. There is much to this. The story touches on many of the under-explored themes of JKR's original universe and then branches out into a look at the future. At ~37k words this is a substantial tale. Snape is brilliantly voiced and we see an in depth exploration of his relationship (past, present, and future) with Harry. It's emotionally moving and despite the strong presence of magic, it all seems so incredibly real, so distinctly about human nature, our needs and our desires. We live our lives and good or bad, we can't undo the past. We put one foot in front of the other and we learn to forgive. Of course the hardest person to forgive is ourself. Minerva, Albus, Draco along with the 3 Potter kids (from the epilogue) play a wonderful supporting cast. I can not recommend this story enough. This is one of those transcending the ship fics as well. Even if you don't read "Snarry", read it. Trust me. It will satisfy your want of MORE Harry Potter. I loved this story.

Glass Half Full - Ron/Pansy ~10k:  This is a phenomenal Ron-centric piece. I know the pairing says Ron/Pansy, but that's not what this story is about. It's all about post-epilogue Ron, his relationship to his family, friends, the world... and the bottle. Pir8fancier truly draws us inside Ron's head and you can't help but love him, warts and all. This is as much a fic about alcoholism as it is about self awareness and love.  It's amazing writing, powerful and raw, and I dare say, you won't be disappointed.


Emma Grant (her own site) and here's her LJ (emmagrant01)
Hmmm where to start.  She's pretty well known in HP Fandom so I don't think introductions are necessary so I'll get right to my favorites of her huge inventory of awesome fic.

I would be remiss if I didn't rec Left My Heart and the sequel Surrender the Grey so I will.  They pretty much show up on every HP/DM Novel Length rec list (deservedly), so I've got nothing more to add.

 Eight Days in November (H/D)  Ok eight days close quarters and they get together, no not original, but her version of this old fan fic standby is great.  I love her characterizations fo H & D, the sexual tension, and well... in the simplest terms I think Emma gives good smut.

Sometimes They Burn  is probably my favorite fic of Emma's.  It has a unique take on the sexual tension and obsession that Harry and Draco have with one another.  The writing is sharp, tight and oh so hot.

The Next Best Thing  Harry/Draco, with a side of Pansy - How does a boy get a girl to notice him? Why, by pretending to be gay, of course! This fic is delicious!

Checking it Twice Harry/twins, Ron/Hermione: Oh my this fic is just so hot and sooooo twins. Just read it- Guh.

The Bet  Bill/Harry/Fleur Bill and Fleur play a game with Harry. More multiple lover hotness.  I think I drooled the first time I read it.

Room Service: Yes! She even wrote a hot Harry/Ron that really shows just how much they love each other.

Libby Drew on LJ (wrote fanfic under the name Sansa): Probably best known for her creativity and imagination.  Her fics are beautifully written and very distinct.
She has moved on to original m/m romance fanction so see her website  
She has been kind enough to leave all her wonderful fanfics up for us to enjoy.  Please refer to the main index of her fanfics for links to all the fantastic stories that I'm reccing below.  (see

A Mile In His Shoes is my favorite.  I don't think I've ever seen another Harry/Draco quite like it.  They're both carrying some post-war baggage when Draco shows up in Harry's refuge (Sanctuary).  You follow the the path of their new relationship along a the paths of a series of tourist "walks" through the seaside towns.  This fic is so lovely both in its imagery and the desperate wish you'll have for Harry to let Draco in.   The OC's also really stand out in this story.

A Frayed and Threadbare Wish Today's victory lies in the future. Harry and Draco's mission to find the Malfoy Legacy leads them to places -- and people -- they never thought they'd see.  This is one of her latest and it's a time travel fic with an original angle.  I loved it.  Draco gets a chance to see one possible future and change it.  By the end you're begging him not to make the same mistakes twice.

On The Last Day of Our World  Despite it's length, I really loved this novel length Harry/Draco story.  Again, very imaginative and you're completely captivated by her story telling.  It's an amazing journey and most of it is internal.

The Cost of Living The world moves on. Snape and Harry linger.  This fic hurt my head in such a good way.  It's a fascinating look at time (Snarry style).

Good Life Becoming HP/DM/SS this is a threesome that I tend to enjoy when it's approached intellectually and she truly does.  I will give one warning though... I typically can't stand the cliche Nasty!Ron when he shows up in H/D or H/S.  It's just so OOC.  Only blemish on this otherwise amazing story and still worth the read.

Life in Kind is a post-DH (canon compliant) HP/SS that will blow you away - trust me.  Her creativity truly astounds me.  There isn't a Master Painter who will paint Snape's portrait so Harry takes it upon himself to do the job.  This is an amazing look at the magic of creating wizard portraits and the Harry-Snape dynamic.  The sexual tension is delicious.  Some commentors thought this fic is a bit dark perhaps macabre, but in my opinion the mood and tone are magical and we see possibilities that magic brings (beyond the constructs of our own world).  I also found the end very romantic.

Draco, the Magic Dragon - Harry/Draco - it's got a down-on-his-luck-but-surviving!Draco that I'm an absolute sucker for. He's been exiled from the WW and has made a home as a Muggle carnival magician/fortune teller, I'm not sure the proper term, but Muggles seek out the Magic Dragon to magically help them with their life problems. This sets up some great humor opportunities and the author makes the most of it. Auror!Harry is his usual Hamlet-ish self. Luna makes a wonderful cameo appearance. The humor runs in counterpoint to the delicious sexual tension and a bit of mystery. Lovely and creative. Hot smut.

Lamp in the Cooling Room - Harry/Draco -This short fic was written for hd_worldcup (EWE):  I'm not sure there's anyone who reads H/D that hasn't read this, but even if it's not your OTP, you should read this fic.  It is simply nothing short of amazing. I've had numerous conversations with folks about "has fandom burnt it self out"/"have we told all the stories about H/D and now we're recycling". This fic makes me say a resounding "No".  Sure there have been "outsider" POVs of H/D done before, but this is original: the girl, the set up, the interactions, and the gut wrenching choices. I love the story. I love the characters, the writing, the sheer beauty of short story that packs an incredibly powerful and evocative punch. There is just so much to think about here and so much to feel. This story will stay with me for a long time and that is truly the mark of something special. I will remember this. It will not bleed into the hodge podge of a thousand other H/Ds.

What Learned in Flight - Harry/Draco - written for the hd_inspired animagus fest: This one got me so fuhklempt.  It's only 4000 words so just go read it. It's beautiful- the writing, the imagery, and the sentiment. *sniff* Go Read - Trust Me.

The Thread Measurer's Apprentice - Harry/Draco ~9k: Sansa's work never ceases to amaze me. What she can do in 9000 words... gah... I'm rather speechless and don't believe I can do it justice. It's epic. It's universal themes. It's Harry with Atlas-like burdens and Draco deep and complex. There are no easy answers because life and death are rich and complicated issues. You will be moved. You will think. You will feel uplifted and have renewed hope at the end.

Helen on LJ and
Another of my favorite cerebral writers.  She has my heart with her almost minimalist style.  Her dialogue is distinctive and her stories so tight and on target that I bow like Wayne and Garth and proclaim, "I'm not worthy.  I'm not worthy."

She is also the author of my all time favorite, any pairing, HP slash fic:
A Soft Spot for Lost Causes is a Ron/Draco that if you heard that it was a h/c and Draco is a rescued Death Eater Fucktoy, you might think it's some silly PWP or crackfic.  No, it is one of the most stunningly beautiful fics I have ever read (and read again and again).  It has an amazing take on Ron and a fascinating look at love, relationships and recovery.

Two more Ron/Draco's of hers:
A Quaint Notion which I rec'd on Crack_Broom (you can read the full rec here if you like) Where “Soft Spot” is an amazing Post-Hogwart exploration of Ron/Draco “Quaint” is the Hogwarts Era companion. As with any R/D, the attraction between the two is horribly complicated by their family and Hogwart’s House identities. I am a huge fan of all of Helen’s HP fics. She’s a wonderfully straightforward writer. Her stories are tight and her dialogue always realistic and emotionally moving. Go read.
Promiscuous Behavior Unbecoming A short Hogwarts piece.  I dig her dialogue.

Close Enough is probably one of the most rec'd Harry/Ron's out there and I'll heartily rec it as well.  It's unfathomable angst and two fumbling guys who really do love each other but can't help to cut themselves and each other to shreds.  I'll spoil it and say at least there's a happy ending.  Oh and it has one of my favorite author summaries: The war had given them all new and unexpected skills: Neville had learned how to break a man’s arm in three places, and Draco had learned kindness, and Ron, himself, had learned not to take unconsidered action. Almost.


Duinn Fionn on skyhawke (aka Geoviki on LJ)
How do I love her stories, let me count the ways...

She is probably best known for the amazing A Thousand Beautiful Things and its sequel Delicate Sound of Thunder.  These will show up on almost every H/D required reading list so like many of the other classics on this page I'm not going to add anything other than ATBT is my favorite "long" fic.  There are also some fun follow-up ficlets.

Mother of Pearl is such scrumptious angst you will want to take both Harry and Draco in your arms and cuddle them.  It's also a thought provoking take on dealing with painful memories.

Practicing the Same Religion I've stated that I'm not a big Mpreg fan but will read it if heavily rec'd and now I'm heavily reccing this one.  I Love This Story.  The Mpreg is completely different than your typical fare.  The H/D is sweet and hot like good Thai food.

The Waters of March is yet another gorgeous, unique, must read, H/D of hers.Voldemort's final victim resides with the other spell-damaged wizards in St. Mungo's Hospital. Harry suffers survivor's guilt and finds an unusual beta. Cream-colored knee-high leather boots make a brief appearance.  I love her Harry in this, just enough of the boy in the cupboard under the stairs.

A Slow-Motion Accident Ron/Draco - Yes, she wrote one.  It's great and I rec'd it on Crack_Broom (full rec).
The story is refreshingly different from the vast amounts of HP slash fic out there and even more of a dare in this less likely pairing. Sure people have written Topper style fan fics but this is definitely an original take. Like Dumbledore’s pensieve you are sucked into this charming story and can’t help but want to watch. As always, her writing is tight and the story flows in a pleasantly fast pace. Both Ron and Draco are wonderfully in character and you can’t help but wonder if you’re going to get the happy ending you’re "dying for". (sorry couldn't resist;-)

One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This  Harry/Draco PG13 ~9,200 words:  I will first say that whenever I read anything by Geoviki, I'm always entertained and end up with a fair case of writer's envy. Her structure, her plot, her characterization, dialog, phrasing, word choice, level of detail... just always pitch perfect, and this light comedy of desire and circumstance is another shining example of why so many of her fics are on people's all time fav's lists. Just, in a word, fantastic. Blaise has a real and fleshed out role as Draco's straight man (pun intended), and Harry and Draco are positively delightful counterpoints to one another. Go LOL and enjoy!!!

Rurounihime on LJ (and on Skyhawke)

She writes wonderful Harry/Draco angst and interesting detailed stories.  You can tell she does her research and always transports you into the world she creates.  You are immersed and use all your senses.  She gives you sights, tastes, smells, sounds and textures to feel.  Her writing is also ripe with emotions and thought provoking.  You feel what the characters are feeling, you "get" what they are thinking.  I think she's one of the best active writers in fandom. 

World's Edge  This is a very different type of HP slash fic, and that's a good thing, a very good thing.  This will sound silly and not do it justice, but it's HP slash crossed with March of the Penguins.  It features an almost destroyed Harry and a mature Draco who wants to help but isn't sure how.  The angst is excrutiatingly beautiful and it has nothing to do with Voldemort or his parents but something later in life.  There is a hopeful ending.

The Business of Saving Souls - Draco's trying find some sort of life in this story and you really ache for him and almost want to hit him on the head when it comes to his pride, self esteem and suspicions about Harry.  I liked both Harry and Hermione in this story as well.  The details about the world of spirits is fantastic.

Downpour is the first of a 4 part ficlet series regarding relationships and fidelity (The Quality of Ice,  Still Tender & Inevitable).  At the end of each is the link to the next.  The writing is raw and hits the heart of emotions with pinpoint accuracy.  This is some gorgeous and incredibly moving writing, folks.

Arrangement Series (link to her LJ tags) starts here with The Arrangement : This is a series of short fics that shows us grown up Harry and Draco in the future.  They were on and off again lovers that couldn't commit to their relationship but kept it open and going over many years and other lovers.  They finally get to a place in their lives where they decide that they want to give their relationship a real shot.  This is a fic series for grown ups.  It is so beautiful and incredibly realistic.  I love her Harry & Draco in this series.  A bonus is that she's still actively writing it.

Vale Sanare - Harry/Draco ~23,000 words of sheer Hurt/Comfort perfection.   I found the concept original, the execution virtually flawless and the writing beautiful and ripe with emotion yet I didn't find it the least bit manipulative. Draco was magnificently drawn and Harry a wonderful foil (hmmm the opposite of canon).  She did a lot of research and created a very believable magical epilepsy. The description of the seizures from the POV of the sufferer were incredible. This is really a Don't Miss fic. It's sad, but I promise you it's a happy ending.

Pushdragon on LJ (Fic Master List)
Intelligent and razor sharp wit masterfully matched with unbelievably hot sex.  I love to read her work and am thoroughly impressed.  Try anything off her master list.  Here are a few of my fav's.

A Tale of Horns - the inaugural Tongues of Fire photographic wall calendar - 9000 PWP of Harry/Draco w/side of Charlie (just as eyecandy): First off, it's fantastic writing (as is all her work). Second, and perhaps more importantly, it is brain melting out of your ears HOT. It is sexual tension drawn and quartered. It is slash viagra. Read it tonight as foreplay, or if you're alone keep your vibrator and/or favorite dildo with in arms reach. And make sure you have extra batteries handy. GUH!  * Then makes sure you read the three sequels!!!

The Astronaut Phase - 18k H/D ep compliant - sharp cat and mouse, sexy and hot.  It reminded me a little bit of a 50's/60's thief & love affair type movie, perhaps even a bit Thomas Crowne Affair.  I loved Ginny as the 1st witch in space and how it's contrasted with the Draco romance and mystery and then the break in. Wonderfully exciting writing.  

Stung - 20k H/D re-telling of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”. OMFG!!!!! Go read this!!!!! Smart, witty, and scorching hot. I love the wizard dueling & even hand-to-hand combat as a form of foreplay;)

Draco under Glass 20k H/D mature, insightful, romantic and HOT

Reliquary - 22k In a rapidly modernising world, Lucius has become an antique. Harry, as it turns out, is a collector. Are you looking for a smart believable L/H? This is IT. It's a battle of will, of wit, and of magic. Amazingly, could it be that H&L want the same future for wizard-kind?


I also take requests (giggles).  So if you are looking for some specific pairing or story type recs, I'll be happy to send some your way.   I read most major slash pairings except Marauder era.  Also, I'm full of opinions and am more than happy to give you my 2 cents on fics that you're thinking about reading. :D

(Harry and Ron Spin was a birthday present from Yaaronet)
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