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I'm not too active in fandom anymore, but unlocked fic can be found at Dreamwidth (Rickey_A) and  at Archive of Our Own (AO3). Last updated March 2015

Looking for HP Slash Recs?  I posted some of my Favorite HP Slash Fics.   last updated August 3, 2009 (pretty outdated but still many classics)

Harry Potter


It Figures (NC-17: Romance, Angst Harry/Draco) ~11,600 words
Ginny Weasley is getting married… to Blaise Zabini that is. It’s been seven years since the fall of Voldemort and since Harry Potter has seen Draco Malfoy. Somehow fate has put them in each other’s lives yet again. “It figures.” (Mar 2007)

Unlimited Partnership (NC-17: Romance Harry/Draco) ~14,200 words posted in 3 parts on LJ due to size - slashfest request for gossymer
 Request: 20 something Draco Malfoy, small time entrepreneur, divorcee and father, hires one Harry Potter for a promising new business venture - preferably something not very scandalous at all. I want something that feels real - where both characters have matured but still tend to rub sparks off each other.
Additional Summary: Divorce sucks even if your gay and your marriage had the sole purpose of producing an heir. His old plan in tatters, Draco begins to formulate a new plan. Harry Potter becomes his partner and Draco is definitely, most definitely, not in love.
 (May 2007) 

The Case of the Last Death Eater  (NC-17: Romance Harry/Draco) ~6000 words
Sequel to Unlimited Partnership. After almost a year together, Harry and Draco are swept into a dangerous case. Their partnership both professionally and personally is reaffirmed. (July 2007)

The Majestic Art of Self Preservation  (NC-17: Romance, Angst Harry/Draco) ~9500 words
If they can rebuild Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy can rebuild his life. Shockingly, Harry Potter wants to be included. (Aug 2007)

My post DH H/D scenario. Generic DH Spoiler Warning.

A Good Man was my Dec 2007 hd_holidays fic for empress_jae Harry/Draco NC-17 ~27,500 words  
This was probably the most involved and most emotionally draining fic I've ever written. I also think it is some of my best writing and storytelling to date. It has extremely heavy themes. Harry takes Draco on as his slave in order to spare him from Azkaban. There is non-con in it, but it's not Death Eater or Retribution violent non-con. It progresses to dub-con and then becomes consensual. It's a psychological romance and there is genuine remorse. If you can't stand any angst or any heavy themes in general, then nope, this isn't the fic for you. No hard feelings. If you do like an angstful story now and then and aren't too sure about a non-con or slave!fic, then I'd ask you to give it a try. My feeling is that this fic is really a hurt/comfort at heart.  (Full story notes HERE)  
(original fest posting comment page:
A Good Man)

 Getting There  (NC-17: Hurt/Comfort, Romance - Harry/Draco) ~18,000 words   
An attack on Malfoy Manor ends up being not what it first seemed, as Auror Harry Potter finds out. Hermione Granger-Weasley finds herself appointed as Draco's healer, designated to work with him, the survivor of a suicide attempt. Taking his first steps down the road of self-healing, Draco discovers that life is worth living, and there's probably room for someone else to share his path.
  (Feb 2008)  

 Little Missives (PG-Slash Drama/Romance - Harry/Draco) ~1,500 words   
Short sequel/epilogue to Getting There (May 2008)  

Canals (PG-Slash Drama/Romance - Harry/Draco) ~1,3600 words   
Ficlet for Alaana Fair for her donation to aid for the earthquake in Chile. She requested a Getting There 'Verse set during their travels.  (Mar 2010)  

 After Eden (NC-17: Hurt/Comfort, Romance - Harry/Draco) ~15,000 words   
Life threatening injuries are an occupational hazard even for a seasoned Auror, but Harry Potter never considered the possibility of life altering injury.  And why is it that Draco Malfoy has to be the one to help him?  (Apr 2008)

Clarity by Firelight (PGslash: Romance - Harry/Draco) ~650 words   
Ficlet continuation/epilogue to After Eden (Jun 2009)

 Black's Blood Curse (PG-13 slash: Hurt/Comfort, Drama Romance - Harry/Draco) ~9,100 words   
Teddy Lupin is gravely ill, and only the blood of the closest living Black male relative can save him.  (Apr 2008)

Waiting (NC-17: PWP ficlet - Harry/Draco) ~500 words   
Harry/Draco Smut for while you're waiting. (
May 2008)

Vancouver (PG-13: Drabble for drabblefest - Harry/Draco) ~180 words of pure shmaltz (Jun 2008)

And an Owl Named Romeo  (NC-17: Romance, Drama/Light Comedy (Dramedy?) - Harry/Draco) 
Draco breeds owls, Harry's an Auror, and an owl named Romeo is going to bring them together.
~ 26,500 words (Aug 2008)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5  

The wonderful and talented FireJuggler  has recorded a podfic of Romeo.  It's over three hours, so I'm amazed by the work and effort that went into this. She has a lovely clear crisp voice. She is American (fair warning to you 'Brit only' listeners).  Download here: Podfic of And An Owl Named Romeo

 Love Line (R: PWP ficlet - Harry/Draco) ~1200 words   
I had offered up a prompt (folks had been crying out for crackish prompts) to hd_inspired back to school fest, but hadn't really been following it.  Then Kapow! I almost missed this Awesome piece of art! Give Me Your Hand   Nobody claimed the prompt for fic, so I had to write this short drabble/ficlet to go with it.   (
Sep 2008)

The Other Side (NC-17: SMUT PWP ficlet - Harry/Draco w/side of RW/PP) ~2200 words   
Seeing is believing, but watching is HOT.  (Sept 2008)
Request by Trubbleclef for a livelongnmarry PWP (donation for a good cause)

 All's Fair in Love and Wards (NC-17  Auror! Comedic-Drama Romance - Harry/Draco) ~12,500 words   
Wards are tricky things. So is Draco Malfoy.  (Dec 2008)
HD-Holidays fic for Snottygrrl who wanted Auror!Bond!Fic filled with what I hope is good banter, sex, UST, and holiday cheer.
Original Fest Posting here.: All's Fair In Love And Wards

Future Fic Drabble -All's Fair in Love and Wards (NC-17  fun sequel - Harry/Draco) ~600 words   
Requested by Phoenix Acid (Apr 2009)
A little continuation of the original:)

Meet the Parents (PG-slash All's Fair sequelette continues - Harry/Draco) ~2,200 words  
Ficlet for Piratesmile331 for her donation to aid for the earthquake in Chile. This is a continuation of the future fic drabble above (Mar 2010)  

 Founder's Ball (Drama Romance - Harry/Draco and a dash of Luna/Susan on the side) ~9900 words   
 Hogwarts has four houses and one representative from each is required for the rededication ceremony. (Mar 2009)
 Written as part of the hp10k_showcase to raise Autism Awareness and includes beautiful art by Oldenuf2nb and Raitala.

SPAG!Draco Series

Unsolicited Criticism (PGslash, humor- Harry/Draco ) ~1,200 words 
Draco is the SPAG master!!! Harry's his bitch! - fannish response ficlet :)  (Oct 2009)

Letters to the Editor (aka the return of SPAG!Draco) (smutless slash, humor- Harry/Draco ) ~450 words 
 SPAG!Draco is on the warpath against annoying yellow journalists  (Feb 2010)

Love Notes (more SPAG!Draco) (smutless slash, humor- Harry/Draco ) ~300 words 
 SPAG!Draco continues to woo Harry (Nov 2010)

Long Arm of the Office of SPAG! (smutless slash, humor- Harry/Draco ) ~2000 words 
In which SPAG!Draco abuses his power and abuses Stephenie Meyer.  (Aug 2011)

Appropriate and Measured Response  (smutless slash, humor- Harry/Draco ) ~290 words 
In which SPAG!Draco responds to his critics.  (Sep

The Real Thing (NC-17 Romance - Harry/Draco ) ~16,900 words 
Harry Potter left the Auror corps and became Mr. Ollivander's apprentice, while Draco Malfoy became an expert on making people's fantasies come to life. When Harry decides to see what Draco's up to, Harry becomes Draco's greatest challenge. Just what is the fantasy of the hero who everyone else wants to be?  Written for HDcareerfair.
 (Oct 2009)
Tangled Up in You (NC-17 PWP - Harry/Draco ) ~2,300 words 
An '8th' year accidental encounter.  PWP Pr0n for serpentinelion summer kinkfest 2010: faithwood prompted for some accidental bondage resulting in spontaneous molesting, which sounded positively delicious to me.
  (June 2010)

The Future Is Unwritten (NC-17 Drama - Harry/Draco ) ~25,000 words 
Harry and Draco are flung forward in time to find that life has moved on without them. As they navigate through the changes, they have to find their own roles in a new world. Will they find that they would be happier together? Written for HDholidays
- Original Fest Posting here.: The Future Is Unwritten (Dec 2010)

The Power of Words (NC-17 Drama, Erotica - Harry/Draco ) ~3,600 words 
Words hold amazing power, even more so when they appear on your skin. Written for hp_kinkfest
- Original Fest Posting here.: The Power of Words (Feb 2011)

Draco Malfoy is a Dickhead  (R Humor- Harry/Draco ) ~2,900 words 
Draco discovers the true meaning of being a prick. 
(Feb 2012)

A Thousand Apologies (NC-17 Drama- Harry/Draco ) ~15,000 words 
After the war, Draco finds the ability to express remorse to everyone except Harry Potter.  Glompfest fic (@serpentinelion on LJ- unlocked comm) for Nenne.  AO3 Repost: A Thousand Apologies
(June 2012)

Fledglings (NC-17 Drama- Harry/Draco ) ~15,000 words 
When it's time to leave the nest, it's a comfort to have someone to fly with you.  HD_Holidays fic (@hd_holidays on LJ- unlocked comm) for Raitala.  AO3 Repost: Fledglings
(Dec 2012)

Scorpius/Albus Severus

His Father's Son (NC-17 Angst - Scorpius/Albus Severus ) ~7,200 words 
Scorpius Malfoy tries to find his own way in the world.   Written for Darkfest.
 Original fest posting here.   I'd call this more cerebral angst than dark, but it is heavy, so if you have dealbreaking squicks or don't like surprises then checkout the highlighted spoilers/warnings.  Otherwise check it out w/out reading the spoilers, because I think the fic has more impact that way.  (Oct 2009)


Blood and Memories  (NC-17: Drama/Romance/Erotica Snape/Harry/Draco) ~8500 words
Snape thinks that perhaps they brought him back only to kill him again, but oh what a way to go. (Nov 2007) 
Generic DH Spoiler Warning.  Written for the Snapealicious Snapeabration! at TQP
Alternate link to the story at TQP: Blood and Memories  and (F-locked on LJ) Blood and Memories  

Three is a Magic Number  (NC-17: PWP Snape/Harry/Draco) ~3300 words
A little over a year later, they're still together. Snape can hardly believe it. (Sep 2008) 
 Sequel request by Abovethestars for a livelongnmarry PWP (donation for a good cause)

 S/H/D art made for me by: oldenuf2nb  see more of her great HP fan art on her LJ


Visiting Hours (NC-17: Hurt/Comfort, Romance - Snape/Harry) ~14,000 words   
Harry visits Snape in St. Mungo's after the war and it leads them down a new a road.
(Jul 2009)


Pretty Please with a Ginny on Top (NC-17 Smut Ginny/Harry) ~4,500 words 
reallycorking drew Pegged (NC-17 NWS – like woah), which made this slashy girl tingle with pleasure. Obviously, I wasn't the only one because marguerite_26 prompted a Harry/Ginny pegging fic for kinkfest.  Despite rarely writing het, I felt the urge to write a few thousand words of pegging smut (I know, crazy, right?) but ended up with a bit of more of a young Ginny's sexual journey. Not to worry, I did get to the pegging smut and the fact that Harry's got an arse thing. In my fantasy world, Cork's art is perhaps a little down the road when Ginny's a little more experienced.
(Feb 2013)  Original Kinkfest Posting on LJ



PIM Universe:

Poetry in Motion
(NC-17 Angst, Romance: Harry/Ron) ~3900 words
First time – in my mind it’s a prequel to Turn the Page. But it stands on its own as well. Slightly AU (the pairing only) – 6th year. (Oct 2006)
Alternate link at Dreamwidth: Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion 2: Inertia (NC-17 Romance & Sexploration: Harry/Ron) ~2500 words
Continuation: Poetry was mostly Harry’s story and this is more Ron’s.  Slightly AU (the pairing only) – 6th year. (Nov 2006)
Alternate link at Dreamwidth: Poetry in Motion 2: Inertia 

Turn the Page (NC-17 Angst, H/C, Romance: Harry/Ron) ~7000 words  *1st story written in the series
Immediately following the end of Voldemort, Harry and Ron work out how to get on with their lives and their relationship. Ron also learns that bravery comes at a price. (Sep 2006)
Alternate link at Dreamwidth: Turn the Page

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (PG feel good xmas drabble with overused title: Harry/Ron) ~1070 words
Harry & Ron surprise the Weasley’s by returning home after several months of travel. 
Universe: Stands on its own, but it’s really a second epilogue to Turn the Page. If you haven't read the fic, you can also just skip to the epilogue that sets this story up. (Nov 2006)
Alternate link to the story at LJ(unlocked on harry_and_ron comm): I’ll Be Home For Christmas 

Tie Me Up…Please? (NC-17 ficlet, smut, humor: Harry/Ron) ~900 words
Ultra light bondage as a bit of an explanation of why we don't see too much true BDSM in H/R fandom (Jan 2007)
Stands on its own, but I've stuck it in the PIM Universe
Alternate link to the story at LJ (unlocked on harry_and_ron comm): Tie Me Up…Please? 

IOU (NC-17 Angst, Romance: Harry/Ron) ~2100 words
Post War: Ron helps Harry with his disdain for the Ministry of Magic - This honestly started out as a PWP in the Ministry Offices and the next thing I know those boys are being all sweet to each other. I can’t imagine what’s come over me. This story stands on its own, but in my mind is part of the PIM universe (Nov 2006)
Alternate link to the story at LJ(unlocked on harry_and_ron comm): IOU 

  Nothing Left Between:

  Nothing Left Between  (NC-17 Coming Out, First Time, Angst: Harry/OC, Harry/Ron) ~9000 words
   Post War. They’re 18. Harry decides that it’s time to come out to his closest friends and gets a little help from a new friend.
  Of course it’s Ron that he’s holding a torch for. (Dec 2006)

  Art  by the fabulous ReallyCorking 


  Pants at Romance (NC-17 Romance Harry/Ron) ~2300
   It stands on its own, but in my head it takes place after Nothing Left Between
   Their first Valentine’s Day together approaches and they’ve been together a few months. (Feb 2007)
   Art  by the extremely talented Glockgal 

Stand Alones:

Every Night the Same (NC-17: Harry/Ron) ~1100 words
Genre: I have no idea (is there such thing as psycho-smut? {;-)
 Post War. They’re 18. Harry and Ron are involved, only neither can admit it. (Oct 2006)
Alternate link to the story at LJ(unlocked on harry_and_ron comm): Every Night the Same 

More than Friends (NC-17: Harry/Ron) ~8100 words (Dec 2006)
Postwar breakdown. Love, Angst. Despair, Redemption in 3 acts
Alternate link to the story at LJ(unlocked on harry_and_ron comm): More than Friends Part 1 

Brass in Pocket (NC-17 PWP, Humor, Smut: Harry/Ron, Hermione/Victor) ~2000 words
Heard the Pretenders’ Brass in Pocket on the radio yesterday and this is what popped into my head. (Dec 2006)
Alternate link to the story at LJ(unlocked on harry_and_ron comm): Brass in Pocket 

Tea and Empathy (NC-17 Drama, Angst: Harry/Ron, Draco w/ HP/DM strange masturbation scene) ~9700 words
It’s a long journey back from the defeat of Voldemort, especially in someone else’s shoes. (Jan 2007)
Alternate link to the story at LJ(unlocked on harry_and_ron comm): Tea and Empathy 

A Delayed Reaction (NC-17 for references Drabble: Harry/Ron) 295 words
One week after the events of
Tea and Empathy, Harry and Ron have some strange pillow talk. (Nov 2007)

But What I Really Want To Do Is Direct (NC-17 PWP: Harry/Ron, Hermione) ~1600 words
Hermione wants to watch. Hermione really wants to direct. (Feb 2007)
Alternate link to the story at LJ(unlocked on harry_and_ron comm): But What I Really Want To Do Is Direct 

Harry  (NC-17 Drama, Romance: Harry/Ron) ~5185 words
My name is Harry. (Apr 2007) 
Written for the hprwfqf Spring 2007 Prompt: Post War#55- One of the boys loses their memories and the other much teach him who he is and what they were to each other.
Alternate link to the story at LJ (hprwfqf): Harry 

Spiderwebs (NC-17 Drabble: Harry/Ron) ~200 words
Ron decides Muggle compudors aren't all that bad
(Apr 2007) 

Last Call (R Angst: Harry/Ron) ~1435 words
At the end of the night, it’s time to go home. (May 2007)

Making Porn (NC-17 PWP): Harry/Ron ~625 words  
This was written for the pornish_pixies The Internet Is For Porn Challenge (Jun 2007)

A Private Celebration (NC-17 PWP): Harry/Ron ~2700 words  
 One year later Harry and Ron have a public appearance followed by a private celebration. (Aug 2007)
Written for the "The Totally Smutty BestMeats Epilogue Thingo", a smut Harry/Ron epilogue challenge at bestmeatsawards 

Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches  (NC-17 fluff, humor): Harry/Ron ~3700 words  
Prompt/Summary: Harry uses "Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches." to try to charm Ron. (Sept 2007)
Written for the hprwfqf on Insane Journal

While Making Other Plans
(NC-17 light angst, romance): Harry/Ron ~5000 words  (Dec 2007)
originally written for bestmates_xmas as a gift for libgirl
Not everything is obvious, at least not to Harry and Ron, but they find their way.

Ready  (R ficlet: Harry/Ron) ~1000 words
Are you ready? Abandoned fic that I decided to clean up and release as short drabble/ficlet. (Jul 2008)

 In Any Universe (NC-17 romance): Harry/Ron ~5900 words  
In any universe they are destined to be together.
Prompt: AU 49. Harry and Ron are Muggles. Ron is a male prostitute, and Harry has need of his services. (Aug 2008)
Warnings: bordering on PWP, prostitute shmoopiness that has probably only been eclipsed by Pretty Woman, maybe – I blame the bunnies.

You Lift Me Up (NC-17 PWP): Harry/Ron ~1000 words  
People have the oddest conversations when stuck in a lift.
hprwfqf #48 Harry and Ron can't help themselves when they get trapped in a lift at the Ministry. (Feb 2009)
Warnings: all dialog

Down a Well (
R PWP): Harry/Ron ~397 words  
Written for Harry_and_Ron 2nd Anon Ficlet Challenge. Prompt was "Auror Training" :) Everyone else's and the original posting are here: 2nd challenge ficlets.

The Contest (NC-17 Humor - Harry/Ron ) ~7,500 words 
A friendly little contest between friends. Are you master of your wand?Written for bestmates_xmas.
 Original fest posting here (LJ).   Harry/Ron w/Hermione & Neville total send up of Seinfeld's "The Contest".  (Dec 2009)

Bossy Bottom (DVD Extra to The Contest) (NC-17 Humor PWP- Viktor/Hermione) ~500 words 
Missing Scene - Gift ficlet for  vanseedee who said, "I'm madly in love with your Hermione from 'The Contest'. I'd love to see a moment between her and Victor.    (May 2010)

Harry/Ron - Draco

Tea and Empathy (NC-17 Drama, Angst: Harry/Ron, Draco w/ HP/DM strange masturbation scene) ~9700 words
It’s a long journey back from the defeat of Voldemort, especially in someone else’s shoes. (Jan 2007)
Alternate link to the story at LJ(unlocked on harry_and_ron comm): Tea and Empathy 


10 Conversations from Check Mate (NC-17: Romance, Angst Ron/Draco) ~8300 words
   Post war, redeemed!Draco –10 key conversations that changed Ron’s life. (Feb 2007)
   Alternate link to the story at LJ (unlocked on ron_draco comm): 10 Conversations from Check Mate 

Vanilla (NC-17: PWP Smut Ron/Draco -  Sequel to 10 Conversations) ~3300 words
   Harry's getting married, and Ron and Draco want to spice up their sex life. One thing has nothing to do with the other.  Warnings: just wee bit of cross-dressing (Jun 2008)

Eternity's Kiss  I haven't written too much poetry in recent years, yet I couldn't help myself when TQP announced a poetry challenge.
And even more shocking it's Hr/R.


written on a lark for the "Holy Foreskin Fest" on LJ (Jan 2008)
The Dilemma of Being Different (NC-17: Sexploration: Anthony Goldstein/Terry Boot) ~2,500 words
“It’s not easy being green.”

Neville (Neville/Chocolate-Frog-Card!Harry)
Auld Lang Syne (NC-17, Neville PWP ) ~2,500 words (May 2008)
Prompts: Neville Longbottom at St. Mungo's with a Chocolate Frog Card originally posted as
wanklet for hp_wankfest - Here


 A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement Between Two Former Childhood Enemies of Pureblood Status (NC-17  PWP smut- Neville/Draco) ~5,100 words   
It may be Harry's bachelor party, but it's Neville who's getting a night of pleasure under strange circumstances. (Dec 2008)
Ok, so maybe a little bit of plot w/Pr0n.  Yuleballs fic for Lotuslizzy who Pr0n and Draco in tights.  Original Posting here.: A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement...


Bound to Please (NC-17, Charlie/Draco PWP Mild BDSM ) ~2,300 words 
Charlie thinks things with Malfoy are going to work out just fine. (written in 2 hrs for fun and for speedpr0nz challenge)
 (Oct 2009)

Draco (GEN)

The Lord of Sorrow (G Draco ) ~560 words 
After the war, Draco takes inventory of his life. This is for Raitala and inspired by her magnificent Three of Swords art.
 (June 2010)

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (G Draco ) ~185 words
Quickie Drabble inspired by HBP trailer, Elvis Costello, and icon making fun. (Nov 2008)

Wicked Gentlemen

I devoured Wicked Gentlemen and this is what popped into my brain afterward. It's perhaps more like response poetry than anything else.   I highly recommend the book if you enjoy original slash fantasy fiction.
The Third Moon  (NC-17: Belimai/Will) ~1,700 words
 Belimai reflects upon his first three months at the Foster Estate (Feb 2009)

(New Founders art by Oldenuf2nb)

Disclaimer: yada, yada, yada,  I know these characters are not mine.  It's fanfiction and not for profit.